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Double wall plastic jars are wide-mouthed containers made of two separate pieces, an outer piece and an inner piece. Double wall plastic jars are ideal for personal care products, cosmetics, lotions, creams, and other similar products. Double wall jars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Double Wall Plastic Jars

If there's a double then there must be a single. If you thought this, then you thought right. The double wall plastic jar has a cousin, the single wall jar. Unlike the single wall jar, the double wall plastic jar is made of two separate pieces of plastic! There's an outer shell, and an inner piece is fitted and snapped into that outer shell. Both of these pieces have one wall each, but thanks to Principia Mathematica, we know that one plus one is two. And since there are two walls, we call it a double wall plastic jar.

The outer shell and the inner bowl are often made of two different types of plastic. Consequently, it's critical that you make sure that you test your product with the double walled jar.

Double wall plastic jars are ideal for creams, body butters, lotions, waxes, and other personal care or cosmetic containers. Why? Because it's easy to get your fingers in a double wall plastic jar to dispense the product.

There are straight base and rounded base double wall plastic jars. This allows you to create a unique look for your product. If you like straight corners, then I suggest the straight base jar. If you like cutting corners, perhaps the rounded base jar is for you.

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