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Dome Lids have curves in all the right places. They send a message of smooth sophistication and elegance. Often their are paired with double-wall jars but are more than capable of bring charm to almost any other container they fit.

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Dome Lids

Dome shapes have been around since before recorded history, it's believed that our earliest ancestors lived is domed structures made of natural materials. Early civilizations also made domes as a pinnacle of architectural achievement. Even today Domes draw the eye. There is a natural attraction to domed shapes.

Enter the domed lid. In the same way we'll be drawn to domes, archways, and circular shapes domed lids do the same for product. It catches the eye and conveys a sense of wonder and familiarity. due to the open and hollow nature of most domed lids, it's a good idea to consider a liner or seal disc to match.

Another great thing about domed lids is that most have a flat area on top, making a great platform for a small round label. There is one critique I have, they make terrible hockey pucks. They're far too light.

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