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Glass jars filled with scented wax are a popular form of candle. Glass jars for candles are a great alternative to open flame taper or pillar candles. Many standard glass containers and jars can be used as candles. Flint glass jars, or clear glass jars, are ideal for candles.

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Candle Glass

Candles have been with us since Prometheus scaled Mount Olympus and stole the secret of fire from the gods. Over the years, candles have evolved from a necessity as a light source, to a homemaker's necessity in creating that "homey" feeling in the fall and winter.

Candles come in many shapes and sizes: tapers, pillars, hurricanes, tea lights, birthday trick candles ... but none of these are as safe as a flame in a bottle! (Glass bottle, that is). We should point out that it's not a good idea to leave toddlers, table saws, ironing boards, microwave popcorn or lit candles unattended.

Wax and fragrance oils have been combined to create scents for every occasion, and they've been packaged in a delightful glass jar. You can do the same with these glass jars.

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