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Shallow metal tins are an ideal home for candies, mints, candles, samples, cosmetics, and lip balms. Each of our tins comes with a lid (regular or clear) unless otherwise stated. Tins also convey a sense of quality and upscale sophistication, whilst remaining quite aloof to what gets put in them (they're really non-reactive).

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Shallow Metal Tins

Despite the term ‘shallow’ which refers to their low-profile walls, these metal tins are anything but! They don’t just look at your outward appearance; they want to know who you are. Your likes, your dislikes, passions, struggles, and what makes you unique.

Sadly, in their current state of stasis, they can’t express this to you. But if they could talk, and have feelings, and thoughts, well … first of all that would be pretty freaky. But secondly they would love unconditionally. They are certainly not shallow. Even though they kind of are.

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