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Plastic Shrink bands provide tamper-evidence for your customers. We stock clear and black colors with either perforated or non-perforated options. Most shrink bands will come in stacks or bundles. And if needed we can even make custom sizes if you don’t find what you need. Just contact us!

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Plastic Shrink Bands

Quick history: prior to 1982 very few companies used shrink bands to secure their products. All of this changed in the early fall of 1982, in what is still an unsolved case, when a maniac from the Chicago area tampered with pain killer bottles by adding cyanide pills to them.

Quickly the medical drug community adopted shrink bands as a standard device to deter tampering, and show tamper-evidence. Today, any company interested in protecting its reputation and product uses shrink-bands to communicate peace of mind and safety for its customers.

Who would have thought such a simple and low cost accessory to packaging could have such an impact! If you want to see other tamper evident options, check out our PS (pressure sensitive) or HIS (heat induction seal or foil) liners.

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