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The right pail lid can make all the difference in the success of your pail-stored products. Not only for proper function but compatibility as well. We also have EZ Stor lids for match with EZ Stor pails. In addition we have square lids for square pails which maximize storage space.

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Pail Lids

What’s a pail without a lid? It’s just a bucket. And while buckets are great, they are even better with lids. For instance, with a gamma seal lid a bucket becomes an airtight super-amazing food storage locker. And with an anti-gurgle pour spout a bucket transforms into a crazy-awesome liquid dispensary.

Literally everything is better with a lid! Think about it. Your brain needs a good lid, your house needs a good lid, and everything in your pantry needs a good lid. In fact I can’t think of anything that isn’t made better by having a lid.

Except convertibles, those are a lot more fun to drive with the top down. But other than that, lids are definitely better. Of course if it’s raining then you’ll want a lid on that convertible.

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