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Orifice reducers are nifty closure accessories for reducing the orifice size of the container. I know, I know. I shouldn't use the word to define itself. How about this: orifice reducers make the bottle opening smaller. Better? We have a number of types, styles, colors and shapes.

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Orifice Reducers

This is another one of those great packaging terms that seems a little bit ... well, off; bungs, tight heads, bung hole, gasket, orifice, to name a few. Orifice reducers sound like a rather painful and invasive medical procedure. But I assure you, they are not.

Orifice reducers are used when you want to control the flow of your product as it is being dispensed from your container. Think peppermint oil (a little bit goes a long way) or eye drops. Trying to put drops in your eye, which blinking rapidly, from a container without an orifice reducer will change a drop to a deluge. That's what an orifice reducer will do.

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