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Great for candies, wax, nuts, small gifts, nuts, cosmetics, pocket universe continuum singularities, and nuts. Each of our tins comes with a lid (regular or clear) unless otherwise stated. Tins also convey a sense of quality and upscale sophistication. They're also quite non-reactive.

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Deep Metal Tins

Ok, so that part above about the pocket universe continuum singularities may not be technically accurate. Although pocket universes may or may not exist, after all it’s just a concept in inflationary theory that, quite frankly, is mind-blowing in its scale. That would be if things like spatial relations were consistent in emergent or cyclic models.

But now we’re a bit side tracked. Let’s get back to tins because they are great. And while they may not really contain pocket universes, they do contain much more useful things. They work great for candles, and foods. They are also highly favored for design and craft projects as they can be durable and eye catching.

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