45-400 Orange Smooth Unlined Lid

Item ID L341
$0.05 each for 1 to 2399
$0.04 each for 2400 or more
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175 cc white HDPE pill packer bottle with 45-400 neck finish
Item ID: B664
Case pack: 510
Temporarily Unavailable
$0.38 each for 1 to 509
$0.27 each for 510 or more

$0.71 each for 1 to 334
$0.52 each for 335 or more

$0.63 each for 1 to 334
$0.45 each for 335 or more

$0.42 each for 1 to 339
$0.31 each for 340 or more

Product Properties and Specifications

Color Orange
Size 45-400
Material Plastic
Case Pack 2400
Diameter 1.875 in / 4.763 cm
Height 0.437 in / 1.110 cm

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