RSS stands for "really simple syndicaton". You can subscribe to feeds by clicking on this icon wherever you see it on our site.

Container & Packaging Supply believes in trying to make things convenient for you. This is why we have developed RSS feeds.

RSS stands for "really simple syndicaton." By syndicating the content of our website, you can stay up to date on what we're doing and how we're serving you.

CPS Blog Feed

The CPS Blog contains hundreds of articles regarding news, tips, trends, packaging design expertise and more. By subscribing to the CPS Blog Feed you can automatically receive our new posts wherever is most convenient for you.
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New Items Feed

Container & Packaging Supply adds new items to inventory frequently. By subscribing to our new items feed, you can be literally the first to know when it is available for purchase on our website.
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Closeout Items Feed

Need a limited number of containers at a steal? Our Closeout Items not only are posted on our homepage, but you can subscribe to our feed and be the first to know when an item has been moved to closeout. There's nothing wrong with these items, we're just closing the line out.
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Overstock Items Feed

Sometimes we have to over-order product to keep things running smoothly. Obviously space is limited so we'd love your help in getting these off our shelves. Priced to sell quickly, you can know what's on our overstock list before anyone else.
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