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Smooth lids do not have ribbing along the skit. This makes them more aesthetically appealing while giving them a lower profile than other decorative lids. Lids are unlined unless specified in the description.

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Smooth Lids

While it may not provide the gripping edge that ribbed lids have, smooth lids make up for it with a clean sleek look. Smooth caps also have an advantage when compared to domed lids since they are easier to stack and take up less height in their profile.

Smooth lids are just plain smooth. The only exception is when it comes to pick-up lines. I don't know why that is, but they can never seem to say the right things. For example when trying to pick up a jar this smooth lid once said; "Hey baby what's your neck finish? because if it's not a 70-400 then we won't be compatible together."

It's amazing really, they start out alright, and then it's like they say too much and ruin it. Here's some other examples:
"Can I get your number? It's kind important because if it's not the same as mine it may be over before it begins."
"You are so hot! I hope your neck finish doesn't warp, cause then we couldn't be together.",

They go on of course but it's just painful to watch how un-smooth these smooth lids are.

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