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Ribbed lids are distinguished by the ribbing along their skirt. This ribbing helps provide a better grip when screwing or unscrewing the lid. Ribbed lids are the most common of all non-dispensing lid types.

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Ribbed Lids

Ribbed Lids are everywhere, we can almost guarantee that you use them every day. The reasons behind this involve a massive conspiracy that goes all the way to the top!

It all started back in 1954 when Giulio Natta and Karl Rehn discovered that they could polymerize a crystalline isotactic polymer (in English, this means a wicked cool plastic).The great advantage of Polypropylene (hereafter PP)is that it allows for great detail to be used in the molding process, this allows for the threading and ribs on the lid to be very precise. Naturally almost all ribbed lids you see today are made of PP.

while some might chalk this up to a case of 'its just the best plastic type for it' I say that it's conspiracy comprised of powerful forces, why if they knew that I was about to reveal their identities. They would silence me before we could even publish this. That's why the following people must be stopped! Namely...

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