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Reed diffusers are 100% natural, and a great way to dispense fragrance without an open flame. Reed diffusers offer a unique dispensing method. These wick your scent into the air by absorbing essential oils or fragrance oils and releasing them into the air as the moisture evaporates.

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Reed Diffusers

Did you know that Rattan (the plant used for almost all reed diffusers) is actually from the palm family? It acts more like a vine than a traditional palm plant. That’s because their stems are made of hollow tubes with no additional structural support. The rattan vines, just like my brother-in-law, often rely on other plants or structures to support them. Some have even been known to grow hundreds of meters long.

The rattan reed diffusers that we sell are very porous. That means they have lots of pores or little holes. For those of you that are rattan reed aficionados and have discriminating preferences when it comes to the porous density of your rattan reeds, then you will be most pleased to know that our rattan reeds have at least 20 holes in them. This IS something to shake a stick at. These holes do a great job of drawing the essential oils or fragrance oils up the reed and diffusing them into the air.

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