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Not all glass bottles fit into a broad category. That's where the 'other' category comes into play. If you need a woozy, rio, facet, or beer bottle. This is where you'll find it. And if we still don't have the glass bottle you're looking for. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Other (Glass Bottles)

Other glass bottles are really the hipsters of the glass bottle world. Think about it. They're trying to be diffrent than other glass bottles. Staying 'out of the mainstream'. And claiming to have listened to terrible bands 'before they were popular'.

It's easy to hate hipsters, even hipsters hate hipsters. (although none of them ever claim to be hipsters.) But even hipsters can have their redeeming qualities.

Take the other glass bottles above. I bet you that most of them are a bit unique. And unique bottles get noticed on store shelves. So why not give them a try? sure you may have to hear them complain about how vinyl records sound better than mp3 files, but let's face it you're the one who gets to stuff their mouths with product. And that can be strangely satisfying.

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