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Your product needs protection. You and your customers want peace of mind that their purchase has not been tampered with. A liner between the neck and cap of your packaging can help with tamper-evidence as well as reducing the likelihood of leaks. If your product is leaking (heaven forbid) check out this infographic for identifying the culprit.

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Liners/Seal Discs

Little Lucy to me we’re lucky to have liners. Literally the little liners that you love to lick, are lactose free. But don’t lick them liners as they are not likely to sick if you lick. For most people that’s just ick. So remember don’t lazily lick your liners, but loudly love your little liners for likely protecting your loveable products.

Don’t get me started with Seals. See the succulent secret to seals is that scarcely a lid has seen smears. Shouting out loud will seldom be proud should you silence your seals by not letting them serve. So, next time, see that your seals serve to sever the smearing of some.

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