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Glass Jugs are as old as the art of glass blowing. A 1st century B.C. invention originating in modern day Syria. Jugs are timeless and a must for signature beverages.

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Glass Jugs

Glass Jugs are highly sought after by antiques collectors. Not the ones we have but older ones. In particular hand blown glass Jugs are particularly sought after. This is because no two hand blown jugs are the same. Each have slight deformities, angles, flaws, or color changes.

Thankfully for you our jugs are uniform and and consistent, while they may not have the time, detail and rarity of hand blown jugs. You can be sure your products will be presented in a consistent manner.

Not to mention that they make a cool 'ompha' sound when you blow into them. Come one admit it. we know you've wanted to play on one like a hillbilly rock star. It's OK, your secret is safe with us, we wont tell anyone.

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