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Droppers have a very specific purpose. However not all droppers are made equal. Each one has a specific function. Some pull liquid into a pipette (pronounced pih-pet), others are actually a part of the cap. We also have controlled and uncontrolled dropper tips (you won't have behavioral issues with either of these, we assure you).

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If droppers could have a motto it would be ‘a little bit goes a long way’. Either that or ‘do you want a drip or a drop?’, ‘drop it like it’s hot’, or ‘happiness, a drop at a time’. But whatever their motto would be; that’s not important.

What is important is that droppers are designed to dispense liquid in small and precise amounts. And there isn’t much else out there that does a better job. With the exception of a precision temperature controlled liquid-to-liquid exchanger. But come on, those things are several thousand dollars; there’s no way our droppers even come close to that price.