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Deodorant containers come in two different styles: twist and push-up. If you're going for precision of product dispensing, then the twist style might be for you. Push-up are another great container for those of us that have strong fine-motor skills. Either way, the product gets where it needs to go without causing a mess or making a fuss.

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Deodorant Containers

The history of deodorant, as we now know it, is relatively a recent one. Truly the ultimate distinction of refined sensibilities is the management of one's odor. Before the advent of aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorohydrate (the active ingredient in suppressing one's odor), those wishing to manage their odor would do so in a number of ways: bathing in goat milk, wearing layers of foggy perfumes, and avoiding anything remotely resembling physical exertion.

All of that is quite ineffective though, when fashion requires you wear breeches, undershirt, shirt, waist coat, cravat, overcoat, and top hat when it's 90 degrees outside with 90% humidity! In fact, seasonal fashion has probably done more to help body odor management than even aluminum chloride.

Even still, temperatures and exertions fluctuate throughout the day, and for those of us that want to be absolutely sure about our odor management, will want a fine (and fashionable) container to store our aluminum chloride in.

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