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Our Cubitainers and Hedpaks are great water storage containers. Cubitainers and Hedpaks allow you to pack water with you, wherever you go. (You can even go somewhere and leave them behind too; they'll be ok.) Cubitainers and Hedpaks are also excellent for home food storage uses.

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Cubitainers and Hedpaks

The names of these containers are a mystery ... well, one is more mysterious than the other. The cubitainer is obviously a portmanteau (big word that means combining the sounds of two different words to make a new word) of "cube" and "container." This is highly clever and tells you exactly what it is ... a cube-shaped container. What it doesn't tell you though, is that the cubitainer is collapsible! How cool is that? This large cube-shaped container (or cubitainer) also has the added feature of reducing the space it occupies (when empty, of course).

The hedpak is also a portmanteau, but as far as portmanteaus go, it's not a very good one. We suspect it is a combination of the words "head" and "pack." These aren't very good descriptions of what a hedpak is, but we'll tell you anyway. A hedpak is a large rigid (non collapsible) container with a handle, intended to store water, or Kool-aid, or whatever liquid you would care to store in it. Even though the name is kind of non-helpful, the hedpak itself is mucho helpful.

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