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Brush Caps are used when you need to apply your products in a more artistic or delicate fashion, or you feel a need to "brush" a product. (That's why they're called brush caps, by the way). The best feature on these is that the brush is built into the cap; this makes application much more efficient and less messy than having a separate brush.

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Brush Caps

So what else can we say about brush caps? Well, like most caps they are made of polypropylene. The stems in some cases may need to be trimmed to match the depth of your bottle or jar you’re pairing them with.

Brush Caps also enjoy long walks on the beach, romantic comedies, the musical styling’s of The Police, and soft pillows. Our particular brush caps are looking for the right kind of bottle or jar in their life that they can have a long-term and complimentary relationship with.

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