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This is it, the final stretch. If we don’t have it here, you should talk to us about getting it. Really I promise we’re nice, and polite. It would be like talking to a good friend, or at least a familiar acquaintance. We also like to show off some samples of our silkscreen printing or boxes.

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... and everything else

Printing examples, test cylinders, cardboard boxes, berry baskets, and those gel pack things used to keep moisture out (they’re called desiccants). It’s all here. Many of these items will showcase our abilities to meet the decorative elements you need for your containers. Needs some design inspiration? You’ll find that here too.

So that’s it, that’s everything else we have in stock … what? You think we’re holding out on you? That’s preposterous! I resent that accusation. We've bared our souls before you. That’s everything we have. OK except the shirt off our backs but come on, we really like our shirts.

All right so here’s our one last tip: contact us. Seriously, give us a call, chat, email, whatever it takes. Let us know what, and how much of it you need and we’ll see what we can do.

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