The Power of the Double-Wall Jar is Strong with This One

A long time ago in a blog post far, far away, Kayla Holman wrote about what she deemed was “everything you need to know about jars.” Perhaps that IS everything that you need to know, but maybe there is more. Maybe those little metachlorians are prompting you to delve deeper into the forces of double-wall jars.

What? You’ve never heard of double-wall jars? They’re the jars that make the Kessel run in 12… wait, that’s a space ship. Double-wall jars, as Kayla so cleverly pointed out, are made from two pieces of plastic. They are a jar-within-a-jar! We could rename them Jar-Jar! Hmm, that may not be such a good thing… let’s just stick with the double-wall jar name instead.

Double-wall jars have a similar appearance to thick-wall jars, but they are lighter and made of less material. As a consumer, this means that your jar of lotion or ointment is going to weigh less than a thick-wall jar would. As a producer, this means that your jars that you are filling with said lotion will be slightly less expensive than the thick-wall jars. If you find the lack of plastic disturbing, then perhaps the Jar-Jar double-wall is not the droid jar you’re looking for.

The walls are strong with this one. Double-wall jars are stronger than single-wall jars, so they’ll be sturdier for your lotions and creams. Since they have the inner jar, it is also easier to get the product out of the jar. Just think about some of the single-wall jars: they have a shoulder that the lotion will inevitably get stuck on the way out. As a last-ditch effort, you’ll be saying, “Help me, double-wall jar. You’re my only hope!” The double-wall jar’s inner jar is straight down to the base, so it is a lot easier to get the product out.

So into your shopping cart, Flyboy! Try out some of these double-wall jars and may the jars be with you. Always.

2 thoughts on “The Power of the Double-Wall Jar is Strong with This One

    • I chuckled too … and groaned! Jar-Jar was truly the best “worst” character every created by George Lucas.

      Love the cinnamon rolls on the “Leia” jar.

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