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Home Canning Guide: right canning lids, foods, and processes

Getting ready for the harvest season requires getting the right canning lids with the right foods and canning processes. We thought you could use a few tips on foods, packaging and canning processes. You might have had some of these questions: How do I process (or can) tomatoes? Where to buy mason jars online? What kind of lid should I use when pressure canning my beef stew? I’ve got a bunch of peaches to can, but I’m tired of using the rings and seals? We may not answer each of theses questions explicitly, but the Home Canning Guide will get you started.

Thanks to writers Kayla Holman and Ty Petersen, we’ve been able to condense most of this canning information into our Canning Wheel infographic. It shows what kinds of foods should be canned in which kinds of processors using which kinds of lids.


The Canning Wheel shows you which foods should be canned in which processors using which lids.


But wait! There’s more (sounds like a “As Seen on TV” infomercial, right?). There are so many things that you need to remember when embarking on a home canning adventure: food, jars, recipes, lids, processors, water, sugar, salt and tools that will enable you to handle piping hot equipment. The Home Canning Guide focuses on getting the right kinds of food in the right kinds of jars.


Click to download the Home Ganning Guide.
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The Canning Wheel by Container & Packaging Supply shows you which foods need to be processed with which lids.
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Be sure to swing on over to our CPS Guides page and download our CPS Guide: Home Canning Guide.

4 thoughts on “Home Canning Guide: right canning lids, foods, and processes

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  2. We are looking for a reliable supplier of can sealers, retorts for canning, and 2 piece metal cans with easy open lids for canning our Tuna, Salmon and Crab Meat.

    I was told that Crown Cork & Seal could provide metal cans & Lids for canning. However, I could not locate any within this website. If you do not sell metal cans for canning fish and other seafoods, perhaps you could recommend a dealer/supplier.

    I hope you can help us out.

    Gunther Mothes
    General Partner/Mgr.
    Sea Resources International, LP
    240 Suffolk Street, Corona, CA 92882

    • Hi Gunther, while we don’t do a whole lot of metal canning supplies, we’d be happy to help with this. A representative will contact you soon to see what we can do. (No pun intended).

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