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Which Lid? Tins and Their Lids

Now that product testing is done for the round tins, you may wonder which lid you want or need. Container & Packaging Supply offers three different varieties of closures for some of their shallow round tins. There is the regular, flat lid. It is, as the name suggests, flat. Next is the clear, which is see-through. And last is the screw top, which threads onto the tin.

Flat Lid

The flat lid is great for products that you don’t need or want to see. This would be great for affixing a sticker to for product identification. Perhaps you have two products that look very similar in appearance. Having a clear lid would not help you or your customer identify what the product is, so a label on the top might be a good idea. For example, if you put mint chocolate chips into one 4 oz. tin and semisweet chocolate chips into another, just looking through a clear lid won’t tell you which is which. A label on the top would help you identify the correct product.

Clear Lid

The clear lid is perfect for visually appealing products. Some items you might put into a tin with a clear lid are tea leaves, beads, craft supplies, or spices (with labels on the sides so you don’t mix up your basil and parsley!). Having a clear lid for craft supplies would save you time and effort as you work on projects: you won’t have to open each tin to figure out what is inside. Try out a clear lid if your product is easy to identify and looks attractive.

Screw Top Lid

The screw top lid is useful for more secure storage than the other two lids. This lid will stay on the tin better and will be useful if you expect this tin to be moved. You might want this tin for candies or mints that will be carried in a purse or bag so that the candies don’t fall out. If you want to be more confident that your product will stay its tin, then you will want to use a tin with a screw top lid.

If you have any more questions regarding what lid will work best for your round tins, feel free to contact a sales representative, and he or she can help you find the best one for your product.

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