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Keep Children Safer with Child-Resistant Lids

If you have children in your house, you know that child-resistant caps are essential to keeping them safer. According to a study in the journal Pediatrics, more than 80,000 children are treated annually in US emergency departments due to poisoning. One way to help reduce this number is by using child-resistant lids for any potentially poisonous substances.

Many ordinary household products and medications look remarkably like food or candy, so children might eat or drink a toxic substance thinking that it is a treat. Here are a few common household products that can easily be confused with candy or food:


Sudafed® decongestant vs. Red Hots® candies

Iron vitamins vs. black jellybeans

Chocolate-flavored laxatives vs. Hershey’s® chocolate candy bar

Grape-flavored cough syrup vs. grape Kool-Aid®

Pine Sol® vs. apple juice

Antacids vs. Sweet Tarts®

Windex® vs. blue PowerAde®

Comet® cleaner vs. Parmesan cheese

Aspirin vs. Altoid® mints


Container & Packaging Supply has a variety of child-resistant caps that fit many of our containers. There are child-resistant dropper caps in white, black, red and green that fit 5 ml to 30 ml cylinder bottles. There is also a wide range of flat child-resistant lids, many of which have liners. There are hundreds of containers at Container & Packaging Supply that can be fitted with child-resistant caps and lids. If you are packaging or storing a product that could be toxic, you may want to consider fitting your containers with child-resistant lids or caps.

While child-resistant lids are one way to protect children from dangerous substances, they are not a cure-all. Child-resistant does not mean 100% childproof. Make sure that you store any toxic or poisonous products out of reach of children in high or locked cabinets, avoid referring to medication as “candy,” and teach small children to never put anything in their mouths without asking first.

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