5 gal buckets with dried goods

Part 1: Plastic Buckets, raw ingredient storage

When you look at every meal you make, chances are there are a couple ingredients that you use on a continuing basis. This is because those ingredients are staples of your diet. You’ll want to take notice of what items you use the most and plan on keeping these in a sealable container like a plastic bucket.

By far the most common way to store these staples is in the traditional 5-gallon buckets (really any 3-6 gallon bucket will work) with Gamma Seal® lids. Gamma lids are popular because they are simple to twist on and off while providing an airtight seal. These would work best for dry ingredients like flour, sugar, beans, and pasta. These will be put to good use in a pantry and when paired with a food grade bucket will keep out rodents, and bugs from spoiling your stock.

The other nice thing about Gammas are that they make it easy to get frequent access to your food stores without having to pry off a lid every time you need to access product. To install a gamma seal lid on a bucket, you will take the lid and snap this on to the bucket. After it’s installed the lid will simply screw on or off for repeated use. Pails with gamma seal lids are ideal for grains, flour, rice, seeds, jerky or pretty much anything else.

There are other options. For example EZ Stor pails are great at saving space. EZ Stor’s have a liquid tight lid that is helpful, but doesn’t quite have the assurance that comes with a gamma lid. EZ Stor’s, however, do maximize space and come in a much wider range of sizes.

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