Finding the right Cosmetic Container (Introduction)

In addition to being something that Container & Packaging Supply stocks; cosmetic containers have been around for a long time. In fact the word cosmetic comes from the Greek word kosmētikos which literally means “skilled in ordering or arranging.” Historians believe that makeup originated in Egypt or Greece. Many of the basic ingredients packaged in cosmetic containers today still use some of the same ingredients used in ancient times. Castor oil was used as a protective balm by Egyptians. The Romans used beeswax, olive oil and rosewater in their skin creams.

In the early 19th century Queen Victoria declared makeup to be “improper, vulgar, and acceptable only for use by actors.” While not exactly an endorsement from her Majesty, (In our opinion she could have really used a bit of eyeliner) by the 20th century the popularity of cosmetics was undeniable.

Today the cosmetics industry is still running strong. And there are a great deal of product types including: skin creams, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, lip balms, nail polish, eye and facial makeup, hair colorant, hair sprays, hair gels, deodorants, bath oils, bath salts, butters… Whew!  I’m outta breath now.

The cosmetics industry is as diverse, and expansive as are your cosmetic container options. The great part is that with the help of CPS, and some basic chemistry, you can start up your own cosmetics empire. Does that sound too good to be true? Well it’s not really; you see I’m going to take you on a cosmic cosmetic journey as we go through the four steps of building a Deodorant Dynasty, an Eyeliner Empire, or a Cosmetics Kingdom!  Let’s get started with step 1.

4 thoughts on “Finding the right Cosmetic Container (Introduction)

  1. This made me LOL!!

    “While not exactly an endorsement from her Majesty, (In our opinion she could have really used a bit of eyeliner)”

    I was totally thinking that 😉

    And you had me at cosmetics…I wanted to see how much you knew about it and I have two questions…does your wife know you know this much about cosmetics? Should she be hiding her make-up from you? 🙂

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  3. I have several products. (1) All Purpose Cleaner, (2) Natural Hand Sanitizer, (3) Laundry Detergent. I need a 2 oz spray bottle, with silk screen for the hand sanitizer would like a green bottle. The All purpose container, I’m just not sure. Right now using something like Tupperware containers for product. about 8 oz.. The Laundry Detergent I would like a lid, handle and rectangular container or square (again not sure). I’m looking at a long term relationship where I can trust my products will be uniform. Is your company able to also fill the products and drop ship? Thanking you in advance, Diane Jernigan, Solutions

    • Hi Diane,

      We can definitely help you with your packaging/labeling needs, but as far as a filler is concerned, we do not have the capabilities on site. We can however refer you to a filler. I’m going to forward your comment to one of our sales reps and they will reach out to you via email.

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