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Browse through our overstock section to find great deals on plastic bottles, glass candle containers, cosmetic pumps, sprayers, and much more! There is nothing wrong with these containers and closures ... we simply have too many, and we need your help moving them off our shelves.

Hurry ... we don't know how long these items will be priced at our overstock prices.

Overstock Plastic Containers

Plastic bottles, jars, tubs, tubes, pails, buckets, drums, cubitainers, and hedpaks.

44 items

Closeout Glass Containers

Glass bottles, jars, and vials for food, preserves, candles and cosmetics.

0 items

Closeout Metal Containers

Metal tins, and bottles: deep tins, shallow tins, flasks, cans, and bottles.

0 items

Overstock Closures

Sprayers, pumps, caps, lids, disc-tops, dispensing caps, treatment pumps.

42 items

Overstock Accessories

Scoops, reed diffusers, shrink bands, packaging materials, and more.

1 items

Closeout ... and everything else

Indespensible odds and ends like wrenches, bungs, handles and more.

0 items