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Mason jars are thick-walled, wide-mouthed jars made of heat-tempered glass. They are able to withstand the heat and pressure associated with water bath and pressure canning. Ordinary glass jars can break under the strain and heat of canning, so if you are planning on using a pressure canner, make sure that you use Mason jars or an equivalent canning-style glass jar.

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Mason Jars

If you are planning on home canning or selling foods with extended shelf lives, you will often run into the term “Mason jars,” especially when dealing with pressure canners. Maybe you’re planning on preserving those peaches you picked up today, or maybe you want to try your hand at making salsa for the coming winter, or maybe you’ve got a food product you’re developing for mass distribution.

Mason jars are exactly what you need to preserve fresh foods for later use. There are many glass jars that are available for purchase or reuse, but some processes require Mason jars. For home canners, the jars themselves are reusable, so once you buy them, they become an investment for years to come.

Mason jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They require a threaded lid with a seal. While the jars themselves are reusable, the lids can only be heat-sealed one time. You can reuse the lids for temporary storage in the refrigerator, but they can only be used for sealing the jars once. Our Mason jar lids are one-piece lids, so you don’t have to fumble with a two-piece lid and ring set. Some of the lids have vacuum seal buttons so that you know when your jars are correctly sealed. See this article for more information on these plastisol closures.