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Tub Lids help contain and keep your tubs contents fresh and contained. In many cases our lids will correspond with specific containers. We have long skirted-lids, gasket lids, even square ones.

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Tub Lids

Lids come in all different styles. recessed, long skirted, gasket, flat. What's more is that each lid is paired to containers. With most bottles and jars you can mix and match so long as the finishes match up. Tubs on the other hand, have to have their matches made specifically.

You may be wondering why this is. You may also be telling me 'I don't care, gosh tubs and tub lids are so borning! I don't want to hear you ramble on about them.'

And while I would be a little hurt that you care so little about something we're passionate about, I would retain my composure (I am a professional after all.) and proceed to lecture you about the finer points of lid and tub manufacturing.

About 30 minutes into my speech I would notice that you had left and my diatribe about the merits of tub lids would have gone largely unappreciated. Oh well, when your on a game-show someday and have a make it or break it question about tubs, you'll be calling.