The Bottles: Labels

It’s not funny if I have to explain it. So for your sake I’m not going to explain this one. enjoy our second installment of the series: “The Bottles.”



Commentary: For this set I was thinking a lot about …


The Honest Scoop on Plastic Scoops

Choosing the right packaging for your product is important. You wouldn’t want a treatment pump for hairspray, or plastic pails for small quantities of essential oils. Just like choosing the right packaging is important, using the right accessories for your …


Plastic Poetry: Ode to PET

Here at Container & Packaging Supply we are constantly on the cutting edge of technological… stuff. But sometimes we just need to take a break from all the sciency-stuff, and indulge our inner artistic sensibilities. I’ve decided to do this …


The Amazing Shrinking Shrink Bands!

There are lots of things in life that you don’t want to shrink unexpectedly: your brand new skin-tight jeggings, your hard earned nest egg, or the size of your favorite carton of ice cream. But sometimes, shrinking is best. For …


Glass Jars for Making Things Pretty

Did your mom ever tell you that looks don’t matter, and that it’s only what is inside that counts? While this was useful during your awkward adolescent phase, she wasn’t always right. When you have a product to sell, what …